The problem with SEO these days is that everyone thinks they’re an expert.

There is a classic problem when a small business owner wants to retain a professional SEO. Many look good on the outside and promise a lot, but how many are good and work well?

Today, many SEOs have a lot of ready to go solutions at their fingertips that bypass the need for knowledge and competence.

Instead of doing the work that real SEO involves, they promote easy SEO solutions:

  • Social media that promotes irelevant influence;
  • Content marketing platforms that promote content in classic just get it out-there promotional tactics;
  • SEO software that allows mass spamming with links – a practice penalized by Google;
  • Social media “marketing” automation that blasts messages on all social media platforms regardless of relevance;

And the sad part is, most small business owners are falling for this.

What you want in a SEO is competence not strong sales skills . That means you want them to know what they’re doing. Finding SEO competence isn’t easy, since the vast majority of small business owners are confused about SEO.

Proper SEO for small business yields a steadier, more sustainable way to find new customers. Being hit by Panda and Penguin Google updates is unfortunate and often means SEO incompetence and running after quick results. Fluctuations happen but long term organic search traffic should grow.

SEO should increase the small business bottom line not waste resources on non-effective tactics.