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Better Image is a web design and internet marketing studio in Cary, North Carolina. Since 2008 we designed and optimized more than 100 local small business websites. Do you want to increase your online visibility, drive more qualified traffic to your site, and convert that traffic into leads and sales? Work with us and you’ll get a real person, working on your behalf.

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We Offer The Best Quality Services

Our prices are low. Just take a look at our competition and ask their prices. They ask for budgets $10,000 and up. When we talk about competition we mean web designers that show up in search engine results. If they don’t show up, don’t bother. Do you think they will do a better job for you?

We Offer Efficient SEO And We Have Results

Search Engine Optimization makes the difference in having a successful website. That’s why every website we do is optimized for search engines. You want consumers in your market to be able to find your website. We do not engage in the usual long term SEO contract. We believe that SEO is presenting and structuring your information properly for search engines. We seem to be right as our customers have top search engine rankings and growing.

Why the .ORG Domain?

Quite simply because the .COM domain was taken and the owner will not sell it for a reasonable price. There are many instances of .ORG domains being used by commercial sites.

Chip Pintilie, the owner and senior web consultant at Better Image, has 20 years experience in Web Design and Development. Chip is a Google qualified Search Advertising individual and has a proven track record with local small business Search Engine Optimization.

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