Our experience with Search Engine Optimization has proved time and again that there is a very high return on investment for SEO. However, it is not a magic bullet and takes time to develop. The purpose of SEO is to reach to, or be found by clients on the internet more effectively and in greater numbers.

Business owners need to have realistic expectations otherwise they are talked into low-quality SEO campaigns with promises for fast returns using methods that haven’t been effective for several years. Promising business owners what they want to hear and failing to deliver is the norm today with SEO. Don’t respond to unsolicited emails and beware amazing promises. Don’t just take our word for it here what even Forbes recommends.

What you want in a SEO is competence not strong sales skills. That means you want them to know what they’re doing. Finding SEO competence isn’t easy, since the vast majority of small business owners are confused about SEO. Proper SEO for small business yields a steadier, more sustainable way to find new customers.

Always ask for previous examples and results. Don’t get impressed by a SEO salesman promising you a lot of traffic and new business. SEO is not the same product you can buy from any SEO company, SEO is proven knowledge and experience. Here are our SEO results.

It may take many months to start noticing results, and longer for major results. Google changes their algorithm often, giving more or less weight to different kinds of content, links and other signals used to determine rank.  We must anticipate and accommodate for these changes in order to continue growth.

SEO should increase the small business bottom line not waste resources on non-effective tactics.