Local small business websites compete for placement in search engines results pages, and those websites developed and optimized with the best knowledge and experience will receive the benefits of increased traffic and visibility. This will place small business owners to a tremendous advantage over their competitors, potentially bringing them thousands of dollars in extra revenue each month.

Analytics Report

When it comes to small business web design and search engine optimization you have to be good enough to work fast enough to deliver a great website for a reasonable price. At the same time you can’t be wasting hours and hours making it perfect and getting lost in details, because this will reflect on the final development cost.

We mostly work for local small business owners who really care about the final product. There is no such thing as perfect when you are trying to meet the requirements and scope of the website. For those of us designing small business websites, we can’t have a perfectionist spending days playing with the latest HTML, Javascript and CSS trends and technologies, because that is coming out of the bottom line.

Do typical small business owners care more about the 1% of the visitors who use ten years old computers with JavaScript turned off or do they care more to bring in potential customers?

Developing a small business website is entirely different than developing a university website or a big online store. If we fail to properly scope the project, we will end up with a negative return on investment (ROI) for the small business owner and this is not acceptable.