More than just the latest design trend, Web 2.0 is a transforming internet force that’s affecting all web design studios throughout the world.

The question raised is: Should the design companies adapt and embrace the Web 2.0 design trends or just ignore them? Should they apply these modern web design techniques like gradients, simple layouts, glassy effects, 3D icons, big type or just design the same way they did a couple of years ago?

The problem is that a Web 2.0 design achieves a seamless layout and a functional web design that delivers the message and moves users through the website easily. This is proven by the big Web 2.0 hoties:,,,, etc. Considering the success these big websites have, do we need more proof that Web 2.0 Design is working better than anything else? For the vast majority of users this is what looks cool. We, as web designers, should make websites that please the users, not ourself. Of course there will always be good designers who will break and modify the trends or even create totally different trends that are better than anything else we experienced.

But TODAY, a successful website design will have at least a couple of design elements that are 2.0.