Local search ranking factors include age of the website, domain authority, physical local address, quality and authority of links, location mention in page content, service keyword in page content, quality of citations and more. There is no specific tool or one size fits all strategy that guarantees success. The only thing that matters is experience and previous results.

Scroll down for real examples and results on Google. Our Search Engine Optimization service is specifically designed for local small businesses in Raleigh NC area.
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Windows, Doors and More

Search Term: Windows Replacement Raleigh
Google Position: First Page Results

Raleigh Premium Cabinets

Search Term: Kitchen Cabinets Raleigh
Google Position: First Page Results

“What I found was most SEO looked good but didn’t perform. I searched every keyword that I would use for the websites service. Each website came up 4th or 5th and occasionally they would show up on page 2  and 3. At that moment I realized that they were salesman with sales tactics and their work didn’t live up to the hype. After that I used the same process to vet each prospective company. After weeks of review I found Better Image. Every site in their portfolio ranked #1. Each site looked nice too. I was pleased to see that cost was 1/3 of the others. ” Tim, Arbormax

Residential Land Services

Search Term: Surveyor Raleigh
Google Position: First Page Results

Safety Express

Search Term: Courier Service Raleigh
Google Position: First Page Results

 Carolina Family Vision

Search Term: Optometrist Holly Springs
Google Position: First Page Results

What you want in a SEO is competence not strong sales skills .

That means you want them to know what they’re doing. Finding SEO competence isn’t easy, since the vast majority of small business owners are confused about SEO. Proper SEO for small business yields a steadier, more sustainable way to find new customers.


Experience makes the difference with SEO. Check our results. SEO should increase the small business bottom line not waste resources on non-effective tactics.


Hiring an out of the area SEO company out of the area is the biggest mistake a local small business can make. Google displays search results relevant to the user location.


Don’t get impressed by a SEO salesman promising you a lot of traffic and new business. SEO is not the same product you can buy from any SEO company, SEO is proven knowledge and experience.

Realistic SEO Expectations

Promising business owners what they want to hear and failing to deliver is the norm today with SEO. Don’t respond to unsolicited emails and beware amazing promises. Always check results.