SEO ProcessSEO is changing fast. Google Local Search, Google Plus, Google Authorship, AuthorRank and much more didn’t exist 2 years ago in search results, now search engine results pages are dominated by them. Bellow are some of the most important things that need to be taken care for good SEO results.

Google Local Search

Google Local Search or Google Places is becoming more integrated with Google organic results than ever. Verifying and optimizing the Google Places page is the key in having local listings placed on the first page of Google.

Link Building

Building links is a practice not approved by Google. Only quality links matter these days. Blog spamming does not help from the contrary, if WordPress and Akismet can detect spam so easily, how about Google who has so many more resources?

Website Design, Coding and Architecture

This is the most important thing regarding SEO. Google ranks websites based on their content and structure. Redesigning the website and using modern coding and optimization is the only way to be on the first page of search results for the long term.

Social Media

Google tries to push Google Plus so hard for small business owners that they started showing snippets from Google Plus profiles integrated in search results as seen on Alan Edmunds website. Search “Divorce Attorneys in San Diego” and the Google Plus snippet should appear besides the search result. Facebook and Twitter are important for small businesses but mostly do not matter for Google search results.

New Blog Posts

Blog post are useful as they can bring some good qualified traffic and also keep the website content fresh. Some keyword research needs to be done so the blog post is about what people are searching for, as seen on