Use CSS for Layout

Style Sheets help optimize your site by separating content from design elements. If you are not familiar enough with CSS, I suggest contacting a professional for the job.

Research Keywords

Optimizing your site means you need to know what people are searching for. Google has a very useful tool that will help you identify the most important keywords you need to focus on: Google AdWords: Keyword Tool.

Have Enough Content on Your Homepage

The homepage is the most important page in your website. Include all keywords you want to rank for in the page content. If keywords are not included, your website will not show up in search results. Try to avoid using images to display important keywords.

Choose Page Titles Properly

The title tag needs to be matched with the page content. For example, don’t use the word Raleigh in the title if “Raleigh” is not included in your homepage content. The title length affects the weight of the keywords, so don’t dilute them by using a lengthy title.

The title is also important because it is used by Search Engines to display Search Engines Results Pages. A smartly chosen page title can lead to a better click-thru rate.

Do Not Use Multiple Domains

Duplicate content will penalize you with Search Engines, and rightfully so. How would they know which domain is most important to display in search results? What is the purpose of the other domain? It promotes confusion for visitors and for Search Engines.

Install Google Analytics

Google Analytics will provide very important statistical data: how many visitors the website has, what pages are most requested, what is the bounce rate, what keywords bring the most visitors and so on.

Use Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools provides detailed information about your pages’ visibility on Google. This helps to identify the errors, broken links, crawling rate, external and internal links, statistics, diagnostics, etc.

Have at Least Three Quality Inbound Links

Quality and relevance of links is very important. If you do not know how to measure links’ quality, ask for professional help. One quick way to do this is by letting all your friends know about your website.

Do Not Participate in Link Building Schemes

As soon as Search Engine algorithms will detect that you are in the business of building links they will penalize you. Unless you bring real value to the web, there is no quick way to the top – you will only rank in time.

Don’t Fall for Huge Traffic Promise

Because they are afraid that you will not use their services, some SEOs are appealing to clients with promises of a huge amount of traffic. Don’t believe false testimonials, but ask for examples and results! Did you notice that SEOs will try to avoid showing the measurable benefits of using their tools? Ask smart questions before paying $150 per hour for their services.