The most important thing when considering a web designer is the quality of his portfolio.

But the quality comes with a price. Sure, if we will charge $10,000 for a website, we are sure the website will get awarded and recognized by the professionals. But is this what the client really wants? He wants a website that works for a good price. You can compare it with buying a car. If you want a good reliable car to commute, you will buy a Honda Civic or a Ford Focus not a Ferrari. Of course everyone would like to drive a Ferrari, but how many are willing to pay for it? What’s interesting is that a lot of web design companies charge the price of a Ferrari for A Honda Civic… and most of the time for a five year old Honda Civic.

Now, another thing to consider is that everyone who knows a bit of HTML thinks he is a great web designer. Many times business owners do not understand why their website does not have any visitors and doesn’t have any results. Web design is all about experience. Design, Usability, Identity, HTML and CSS coding, SEO are all going hand in hand. You cannot have one without the other if you want a good website. Most web designers lack or don’t bother with at least three of these.

If you are not experienced with web design here is a good tip: compare your web designer work with successful websites on the internet like:,,, Is their work coming close?

Now think how you met your web designer. Did your neighbor friend recommended him or did you really like his work, presented on his website? Is he really up to the task? If your website doesn’t have results, he probably is not.

Web design quality comes with a price – a good one at Try it.