Having a static website in this Web 2.0 environment can easily make your website to lose interest. Users will get bored with it and do not have any incentive to come back. Updating a static website will cost you time and money, and in the long run even customers. How good will it be if you can update an website by yourself?

CMS stands for content management system. It is a software that will allow you to manage your content using an internet browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox. You will edit and add information as easy as you compose emails. Every page, heading and paragraph will have the same consistent look and feel. Basically your website will be dynamic. In this way content can be updated as often as you want without any external help. You can update features such as new products or services, update product description, news about your company and so on. This will encourage users to return to your website to view the latest information.

Not so long ago this feature was expensive and was reserved only for big websites with resources. It didn’t make sense to spend lots of money to have a dynamic website. But as everything on the internet is going interactive, as the open source software is getting more and more available it makes sense to use CMS for your website. A couple of extra hundred dollars can save you money and problems in the future.