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Better Image offers Search Engine Optimization specifically designed for local small businesses. Our affordable and local SEO services will help a small business have better placement in search engine results and increased revenue generated from the web.

There are hundreds of businesses competing for a particular service in Raleigh-Durham area yet only 10 of them are on the first page of Google Search results. The rest of them fail at generating more business, which is the main purpose of a small business website.

When most clients are ready for a redesign or just SEO services they usually want to jump directly into one or many of these traffic generating initiatives because they think that focusing on increasing traffic will help their business problem.

Instead, one should also take in consideration if the website is ready to receive the additional traffic and convert the visitors into high quality leads and customers.

As often happens, those who don’t truly understand SEO and Internet marketing and what it takes to create a successful online presence, are more interested in a quick fix than they are in making sure that things are done efficiently. In fact, most small business websites fail to bring more visitors because the owner or the person in charge of company’s Internet presence, approached this entire process in a completely wrong way. Hiring a SEO company out of the area, is the biggest mistake a local small business can make.

Efficient SEO involves knowledgeable research and strategy into the client’s local presence, needs, industry, competition, business model, keywords and target audience. Where do you rank now, and what keywords is that for? There is no magic number or time frame. Efficient SEO takes time and work. Efficient SEO also continues to require work after you’re number one. We can help you build your list of keywords and teach you how to be on the first page of Google search engine results.

One thought on “Local Small Business SEO

  • By Doranna -

    I have a small children’s party planning business that serves Orange County and Los Angeles, Ca.

    Our primary marketing method is Internet based so about 8 months ago we hired a local SEO company in Sand Diego to conduct a 12 month SEO campaign. We’re in month 8 and we’re soooo frustrated because we honestly feel our SEO company is worthless. We do not rank on the first page…STILL…for any of our keywords and we have had close to NO leads generated from the website. I created a blog, which I am still in the process of constructing, and we joined many local party planning directories in an effort to speed up the progress of our marketing efforts. I am in a 12 month contract but I really feel this SEO guy is just sitting on his lazy butt waiting for my money every month. I have tried to fire him twice for breach of contract because he gives us false reporting results when he sends them and for the last three months he has not sent me one ioda of information regarding our stats, the SEO, our keywords, rankings, etc. When I called him out on it he said he changed his reporting style and has been posting the results to a link he NEVER gave me before. I think he just did that with fake stats as soon as I emailed him.

    How do I get out of this situation and what I do I do? We are a really small start-up and we just don’t have the funds/budget to keep paying this guy for nothing. About 45 days ago I purchased a groupon type deal for 25 keywords/SEO for 3 months and I am not even kidding you when I tell you that in the last month I have had at least 30 emails/phone calls. None have resulted in anything, but I am just happy we’re finally being found.

    I am trying to read up on SEO so I know what to do in this lousy situation, but I would greatly appreciate any advice. Thanks!

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