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A website is not a separate element of a business, but a reflection of it. Its purpose is to present the company, attract more visitors and let them know about products and services and in the end, to generate more business. Maintaining a balance of effective content presentation, usability and search engine optimization is the only way to have a good website. Please check our portfolio.

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We Design Websites That Rank Well

The internet is now recognized as being a real source of advertising and revenue where large and small companies compete. A professionally designed website is the key to successfully present your products or services to prospective clients.

Search-Engine-Friendly Web Design

Search-engine-friendly web design is essential for any successful website. You want consumers in your market to be able to find your site with major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Raleigh local small businesses don’t usually have big budgets to promote their sites in other media, and in many cases, search engines may be the only major source for web traffic. In our opinion, this is the most important thing that should be considered when designing a website. If your site doesn’t have visitors, all the other valuable things it has are meaningless.

Content Management System (CMS)

We use WordPress to create simple CMS websites for Small Business owners. CMS allows fast and easy updating and publishing for your website. This will save time and money as site owners can manage content by themselves. WordPress is not suitable for large websites, but for a small business works perfectly because maintenance and developing costs are small.
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We have created a custom Website Design Quote Form that will help us put together a solution that best reflects you or your small business. It will save you time and money by helping identify your specific needs.

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We design websites that are eye-caching, easy-to-navigate, respect usability rules, have relevant information and good content, are tested on many browsers, and will retain visitors for the long term and make them return.

“We are extremely pleased with our website! We have spent a lot of time looking at our competitors’ websites and ours is truly the best. We have also received comments from our customers as to how great our website is!”

Tim, Owner, DTF Mechanical

Web Hosting, Email and Maintenance

We can provide comprehensive website hosting options for our clients but also work with them to host their website somewhere else. In many cases, it makes more sense, costs less and saves time for a client to host its website with us. We will consult with you in the determination of the optimal hosting arrangement and in the implementation of the website. Depending on where your website is hosted, we will develop maintenance plans according to your needs. Please contact us for more information about hosting and a description of these services.