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Better Image offers Search Engine Optimization specifically designed for local small businesses in Raleigh NC area. Our affordable and local SEO services will help a small business have better placement in search engine results and increased revenue generated from the web.

SEO should increase the small business bottom line not waste resources on non-effective tactics.

What you want in a SEO is competence not strong sales skills . That means you want them to know what they’re doing. Finding SEO competence isn’t easy, since the vast majority of small business owners are confused about SEO. Proper SEO for small business yields a steadier, more sustainable way to find new customers.

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Our SEO Service Includes:

Being well-placed in search engine results pages (called SERP) can make a decisive difference in the number of visitors your website gets. Search Engine traffic is by far the most effective form of internet marketing and attracting new customers. It is a powerful online marketing tool that can, in time, generate large amounts of qualified traffic to your site and works better than any other method.

Special Offer: Search Engine Optimization – $500/month

SEO SpecialMake sure your small business is discoverable online so customers will find you every time they search. This service includes comprehensive ongoing Search Engine Optimization. Check previous SEO results.

* Minimum 6 month agreement and 3 month upfront payment required. This offer is for local Raleigh Durham small business owners only.

“Writing to thank you for the work done on our website. Our main goal was to improve SEO and in just these few short months we have been seeing positive results of that and it only gets better.”
Todd Gillespie, Owner, Windows, Doors and More

Our Results Speak for Themselves

We are confident that your site will be on the first page of Google Search Results and actually have visitors asking you about your services. This offer is for small business owners based in the Raleigh, NC area.

When a company decides to bring their business to the web, generally, the last thing on their mind is search engine optimization and how people will get to their site. They assume that whomever they hire to do their web design will put up a site and then submit it to the search engines and the traffic will magically pour in. Unfortunately, it takes more than that to drive search engine traffic to your site, and even more unfortunately, most developers are not experienced with SEO, nor do they tell the client about the process involved in gaining traffic from search engines.

Most SEO companies present themselves as “Ethical Search Engine Optimization Companies”. We just say that we design websites respecting all Google guidelines in order to have “a Google-friendly website.” We don’t believe that it is right for companies to charge clients thousands of dollars just for modifying their title pages and meta tags that should have been designed right in the first place. They should work to promote and rebrand the website, not just patch it. Search engines change their algorithms often, so if you don’t do it right, you could have paid for nothing.