Graphic Design – Printed Materials

Brochure DesignYour company’s printed marketing pieces have an importrant role in gaining new customers, maintaining current ones, and even growing your business. Your printed materials present your company when you’re not there. What are your current pieces saying right now? Are they conveying a professional image? Are they sending a clear message that a potential client can identify with? Are they prompting a call to action; motivating a person to inquire for more information or check your website?

Our Graphic Design Services Include: Brochure Design, Folders, Annual Reports, Flyer Design, CD Covers, Business Cards and Stationary.

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Brochure Design Special, Printing Included – $1,299

  • Size: 8.5″ x 11″ Half Fold or TriFold
  • Printing Included
  • Quantity: 500
  • Electronic Proof

Brochure Design and Layout

Excessive content and design changes are billed extra at $70 per hour.

Graphic Design Principles

As sometime may seem that everyone can do it, good graphic design is not created by chance. Graphic design that is effective follows design principles that contribue to your success. These principles are basic conceptual ideas that make a design great.

One of the most important principles or design is balance. Different colors, shapes, text blocks, sizes, pictures create different degrees of interest. It is the distribution of this interest that you need to control in order to achieve a memorable design.

Proportion is the relationship in scale between one design element and another, or between a whole object and one of its parts. Different proportions in a composition can relate to different kinds of balance and symmetry.

Dominance emphasis a design element in a design work. It determines the visual weight of a composition, establishes space and perspective, and often determines where the eye goes first when looking at a design.

Rhythm and Unity
Rhythm and unity are the design principles that bring everything together. By repetitions or alternation of a visual image, often with defined intervals between, rhythm convey a sense of organization that brings a graphic together. The design principle of unity dictates that everything on the page is visually joined to something else thus giving the work a feeling of “a whole”.

Graphic design principles, used correctly in a balanced way, are the keys to an elegant design that is effective and successfully deliver its message.